Square of the tree cultures, Shrine of Guadalupe and Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Pick up at your hotel and drive to the Square of the Three Cultures, where we have the representation of three important periods of the history of Mexico.

Continue to the Shrine of Guadalupe, the Virgen protector of Mexico and Latin America, where we visit both churches the old and the new and modern church built by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, the same Architect who built the Museum of Anthropology.

After we leave the city and take the road to the Pyramids. Teotihuacan is a very important Archeological site with the impressive pyramids of the sun and the moon, the Avenue of the Death, the Citadel with the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and some Palaces where the important Priets lived.

Also we visit a place where they show you the Agave Plant (Maguey) to make drinks like Tequila and Pulque, from that plant also they get fibre, paper and soap. Will show you also the volcanic stone the “Obsidian”, which was used as metal during the pre-hipanic periods.

Visit Mexico with an authorized Guide in Spanish, English and Italian. There are private tours or in group. Tours to very interesting places or if you need a special tour, let me know. For more information about the tours and prices, please contact me.


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